LUPINA (2016)

video art work about the re­la­tions­hip of man and plants

(also called Sleeping with a Stranger)

HD video
3:28 min (loop)
Edition 3 (+ 2 AC)

Can be exihibited both landscape and portrait.

A man dressed in black dances in a lupine field. The slow movements of the man and the gentle sway of the flowers make the atmosphere meditative. In the video played in a continuous loop, lupines first crush under the human body, but then they grow again and embrace the man. The combination of the man’s character, dance and flowers raise questions about the state of humanity and its relationship with the natural environment. The experiences of freedom, anxiety, and guilt are intertwined. The beauty of the lupines is enchanting, but our knowledge of the plant as a harmful foreign species makes us feel uncomfortable to deal with it.


Raisa Foster (director, editor), Mika Peltomaa (camera), Olavi Karvonen (performance)


2.-23.12.2016 Break a Brain festival, Koskikeskus, Tampere 

27.4.-1.5.2018 Koskipuisto I bus stop, Tampere

1.-30.6.2018 Enviro-Art – a group exhibition, Joseph Saxton Gallery, Canton, Ohio

18.-21.6.2018 Dark Days, White Nights, Curated exhibition of InSEA 2018, Espoo

30.7.-1.8.2018 Havis Amanda tram stop, Kauppatori, Helsinki

Copy of 1/3 in Tampere Art Museum Collections.


sounds of grey (2016)

dance film

(2016, FI, 07’25)

A man thrown into the world. Loneliness, sadness, stillness, sensory connection here and now.

Performer: Olavi Karvonen

Director: Raisa Foster
Camera: Mika Peltomaa
Music: Ari Karema
Production: Breakabrain Oy
Producer: Raisa Foster

Premier 27.2.2016 Arthouse Cinema Niagara, Tampere 

19.5.2016 Tanssivirtaa Dance Festival, Tampere 

6.4.2018 Loikka Dance Film Festival

2018—2019 Loikka on Tour, official selection of the touring program:

22.5.2018 Tanssivirtaa Dance Festival, Arthouse Cinema Niagara, Tampere

18.8.2018 Back to School, KinoMarilyn, Loviisa

24.8.2018 DanceFest, Kotka

4.-11.8.2018 [te] Che -festivaali, Chiostri di Santa Caterina, Italia

19.10.2018 October FilmFestival, Vaasa

22.1.2019 TENEK Dance Film Festival Reynosa, Mexico

25.4.2019 2. Szerpentin Dance Film Fest, Budapest, Hungary


Balance (2018)

Video art work about the human–nature re­la­tions­hip

HD video
1:27 min (loop)
Edition 3 (+ 2 AC)

Green forest dominates the image. In the foreground, the human hands are lifting branches that have fallen into the ground. The person, who stays anonymous for viewers, balances the crossing sticks on their hands. The branches are swinging and are at risk of falling. The movements of the human and the elements of nature give tension to the piece. In the video that is presented as a loop, the hands are lifted to the image, and then they fall out from the frame again. Only a peaceful and rich natural environment remains. The relationship between humans, dead branches, and the flourishing forest raises questions about the human aspiration to control nature, but also the need to find harmony and balance concerning the environment.

Production: Raisa Foster (performer, editor), Satu Järvinen (camera)


Entrance (2018)

col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve video art work with Arna Vals­dot­tir (ICeland)


HD video

3:58 min (loop)



Entrance (2018) is a collaborative work by Finnish multidisciplinary artist Raisa Foster and Icelandic performance and video artist Arna Valsdottir. In the video work, a hand goes into moss; sometimes it reaches out from the dense clumps. Holes in the ground are the human's subject of research; on the other hand, the matt of plants closes the arm in an embrace. Intrusion, exploration – nurturing, protecting, being together? Or going into the unknown? The encounter of the human and moss raises questions about our relationship with our natural environment.  By its plain visuality, the work which focuses on the skin of human and the softness of moss affects the viewer's tactile sense and emotions.

Production: Raisa Foster (performer, editor), Arna Valsdottir (camera)


21.–23.9.2018 Visual Festival, Joensuu

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